PCJ President’s message

Dear Friends

We are very happy and proud to announce that the 14th World Championship of Pipe Smoking will be held here again in Japan. Our club has had the honor to host the Third and Seventh Championship, making this year our third.

It is a great pleasure and honor to welcome our friends and family from all over the world to participate in the competition. Using the same pipe and same tobacco, it is our hope that pipe smokers enjoy and share a special bond that will last a life time. It is our dream to provide an opportunity for our friends to come together, to not only appreciate the pleasures of pipe smoking, but also to have a chance to spread the love for pipes all over the world. 

This year, the competition will be held at the Asakusa View Hotel. The hotel stands close to the central part of Asakusa, one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Tokyo. We sincerely hope that many of you, fellow members of CIPC, join us and savor the beautiful autumn Japan has to offer, and have a wonderful time together. 

President of the Pipe Club of Japan Yasuo Kajiura

梶浦恭生 Yasuo Kajiura